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Jailbreak Facebook Leads with this PreContactTool Update

by Noel Cocca

Today, Dean dives into the latest PrecontactTool update.  If you haven’t used this chrome extension in the past, it’s a definite must-have, and we implore you to download it now. Like many other tools, you have a free profile for up to so many contacts, then you’re asked to pay, but the system is very doable.

This specific update is reasonably exciting for those of us who enjoy a good sourcing hack. It has solved what Dean calls the “Facebook Enigma.” Yep. It allows you to pull contact information, including phone numbers, directly from Facebook, which only a handful of tools are capable of. That’s 3.5 billion users at your fingertips.

If that’s not enough, this update works on LinkedIn and Zing, as well. Dean covers all the new features in detail in the video above.

About PrecontactTool

To give you an overview of the full extension, the PreContactTool searches out phone numbers and email addresses for the specific profile you are viewing, pulling information, then searching the web for more. All you do is click the PreContactTool extension button in your browser, and you will have results in seconds.

There are a few things that make PrecontactTool stand out. Firstly, it always searches five sources, so whatever one cannot find, another generally will. Secondly, the accuracy is outstanding. Because Precontact is using multiple sources to scour and filter info, relevance is almost guaranteed. To add, the purchase system is project-based and credits are valid for an entire year. You only buy what you need with no monthly subscription.

Check out the video (if you haven’t already), then download PrecontactTool and give it a whirl! Make sure to drop your thoughts in the comments, and let Dean what know what you’d like to learn next!

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