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Source Better and Faster with Webbtree

by Noel Cocca


Source Better and Faster with Webbtree


We’ve got three questions for you:

Do you want to get relevant candidate profiles based on your searches from across the web?
Do you want to get several contact methods so that you can choose the one that’s ideal for you?
Do you want an easy-to-use software that can get you the contact information of your ideal candidates, set up personalized email campaigns to engage them and track them on a simple cloud-based platform?

If your answer to all those questions is a resounding yes, today’s software is your dream come true!

Webbtree is a brand new chrome extension that leverages AI to pull insights on users from many popular platforms, including LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, Github and more.

It can save you a lot of time and hassle. All you have to do is enter the criteria you want your candidates to meet, and the tool will generate a list of ideal prospects in less than a minute. And that’s not all. Webbtree is more than just a list builder. It’s also a pipeline management system that’s designed to encourage proactive recruitment instead of reactive efforts.

So if you’re looking for a tool that can help you take your recruitment process to the next level, Webbtree is definitely a solid contender. 

You can add it to your sourcing toolkit right here


Noel Cocca



Take a look inside with Dean Da Costa:

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