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How to get a Texas real estate license and become a leading real estate agent

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Do you dream of being a real estate agent in Texas? It is one of the best states to kick start your career. The market is impressive, and obtaining a license doesn’t require too much.

Real estate practitioners in Texas enjoy a lot of freedom and flexibility. Here are a few critical steps to become a top real estate agent.

1. Understand the Requirements of the Real Estate Commission

The first step is understanding the requirements that you need to meet before obtaining a license. They include:

You have to be 18 years or olderCompleting 180 hours of the appropriate educationGetting a sponsoring brokerSubmitting the required fees and forms to the Texas Real Estate CommissionPassing the license examBefore practicing, you need to arrange for a real estate broker with an active license in the state to sponsor you.

2. Plan for the Time and Fees

Obtaining a real estate license in Texas requires a lot of your time and money. If you aren’t properly prepared, they may overwhelm you. The average timeline is as follows:

Two to six months for completing the required 180 hours of coursesTwo to three weeks to allow TREC to process your application30-60 days for creating a good relationship with a broker

Although it is impossible to expedite in-person classes, many online courses may help you complete your studies earlier. You can complete all the required steps in just two months. 

The biggest financial investment will be in your education. Completing 180 hours of pre-license courses can be expensive.

However, it depends on your Texas real estate school and whether you study online or in a physical location. 

3. Complete and Submit Your Application

Registering for an account with the Texas Real Estate Commission Online Service is the next step. You can then fill out your Application for Inactive Real Estate Sales Agent License and pay your license fee.

The application is simple, and you should be able to complete it within a few minutes. Most of the questions are in regard to your past professional licenses and legal history. 

If you need to explain the answers in your application, you may need to complete the Texas Real Estate Commission Background History form.

You will receive a letter with your TREC ID if the TREC approves your application.

4. Fingerprints

When applying for a real estate license in Texas, you need to have your fingerprint taken at one of the MorphoTrust locations. You also need to pass a background check. 

5. Pre-Licensing Classes

Choose a school and start your pre-licensing coursework. The TREC offers you a list of schools, and you can choose one based on your location. The courses have six sections:

30 hours of Principles of Real Estate I30 hours of Principles of Real Estate II30 hours of Law of Contracts30 hours of Law of Agency30 hours of Real Estate Finance30 hours of Promulgated Contract Forms

6. Take Your Licensing Exam

Study for your licensing exam as you need to pass it before going forward. When taking your exam, bring two types of valid ID.

One of them must be a photo ID from the government with your signature and photo. Your score report should appear as soon as you complete the exam. 

7. Get a Sponsoring Broker

At this point, you are almost done. Initially, you’ll receive an inactive license. You need to work as a real estate agent in the state before getting a full license. The broker will need to oversee your work.

After getting a broker, you are ready to go on with a brokerage sponsorship request through the TREC online service.

You can start working as a licensed real estate agent after the broker accepts your sponsorship request. 

The real estate market in Texas is thriving and being a real estate agent in the state is a great idea. The requirements are reasonable, and there are plenty of career opportunities. 

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